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Sarah Kennedy Such impressive compositions. Delighted to have discovered one of Atlanta's best bands. Favorite track: Hologram of Thought.
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The much-anticipated debut album from Book of Colors is out February 5th, 2016 on Deer Bear Wolf Records. This first, self-titled record sees Book of Colors’ mastermind André Paraguassu surrounded by an impressive cast of fourteen players that includes members of Little Tybee, Adron, Ryan Gregory (Christ, Lord, Lily and the Tigers), and Chris Childs (Hello Ocho, Faun and a Pan Flute). Recorded by Ben Price at studilaroche in Atlanta, Book of Colors is a dreamy and hypnotic journey, constantly skirting the edge between torn-open soulfulness and delicate restraint.

“There is an amazing music scene happening in Atlanta right now. It’s a major city overflowing with world-class talent, but the amount of camaraderie within the artistic community makes it feel like a small town,” André says as he reclines lazily on the classically southern front porch of their drummer’s home in Little Five Points where they rehearse. “I’ve always loved playing with large ensembles and this city has been the gift that keeps on giving in that regard. Everyone is so supportive and eager to collaborate. I feel incredibly lucky to be working in such an inspiring creative atmosphere.”

The arrangements for all ten songs on Book of Colors are notably dense. Vocal harmonies and instruments seem to stretch off into infinity in every direction with orchestral elements such as the violin, viola, marimba, vibraphone, and flute blending seamlessly with horns, piano, organ, pedal steel, guitars, and synthesizers. The result is a collection of songs with a unique, fully realized sound that’s simultaneously genuine and refined.

The first track on the album, “Why Don’t You,” pairs African percussion instruments with distinctly Middle-Eastern harmonic scales. A heavy rhythm & blues bass line and gritty Rhodes piano move the song steadily forward as it eventually swells into an ocean of overlapping harmonies and rhythms. The voices multiply and build in intensity until they become a mass of screaming and muttering, finally dropping away as the band returns to its initial slow groove. It’s a fitting start to an album that takes a multitude of unexpected turns and weaves together a wide array of seemingly incongruous styles.

Even when he’s employing a sense of irony, as in the smirking epic “Oh Your Backwards Smile,” Paraguassu never hides behind his tricks. He is a songwriter who faces weariness with childlike wonder, pain with wisdom, and indignation with unrelenting sweetness. It’s music that feels nostalgic the first time you hear it, like an old friend you didn’t know you had.

André’s list of songwriting influences is long and eclectic, but the majority of artists and albums he mentions are from the sixties and early seventies, with a heavy slant toward music made in the UK, Brazil, France, and the southern United States during that time period. As such, traces of Nick Drake, Harry Nilsson, Otis Redding, and Sam Cooke can all be heard in his vocal delivery, with dark raspy low notes and a soaring, bell-like upper register. Psychedelic elements that bring Broadcast, Pink Floyd, and Caetano Veloso to mind mix with introspective lyrics and symphonic orchestration in Paraguassu’s often complex song structures.

Book of Colors has played alongside national and international acts that include Kishi Bashi, Bright Black Morning Light, Horse Feathers, Della Mae, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, and Streets of Laredo. They’ve also performed in numerous festivals and events in and around Atlanta and the Southeastern United States.

Book of Colors will be the 11th release in less than two years for Deer Bear Wolf Records. It will be available on CD and tape cassette February 5th. The release party will be February 27th at Terminal West with Little Tybee and Hello Ocho.


released February 5, 2016

André Paraguassu: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion.
Adron: Vocals, Vibraphone.
Ryan Donald: Bass.
George Kotler-Wallace: Pedal Steel, Guitars.
Ryan Gregory: Violin, Viola.
Nirvana Kelly: Viola.
Eric Balint: Marimba, Bells, Percussion.
Teresa Lemaire: Flute.
Chris Childs: Vibraphone.
Noah Kess: Drums.
Colin Agnew: Percussion.
Chris Case: Piano, Organ, Synth.
Nick Dixon: Trombone.
Mikele Ally: Bass Clarinet, Piano, Organ.
Spencer Pope: Piano, Rhodes, Synth.

All Songs Written, Produced and Arranged by André Paraguassu. Co-Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Ben Price at studilaroche, Atlanta, Ga. Mastered by Alexander Lowe at Red Tuxedo Studios, Atlanta, Ga.

Additional Engineering by André Paraguassu, Pat Brooks, Noah Kess, Aaron Barnes, Brandon Camarda, CJ Bargamian and Alan Matthews.

Artwork and Layout by André Paraguassu. Source Photography by Matthew Smith (Shadowboxer Photography), Brock Scott, Olive Lynch, Suban Dey, Unisa Asokan, Vincent Tseng, Michael Koenig, Loretta Paraguassu and Robert Paraguassu.

Special Thanks to Everyone Involved, as well as Possible Futures, Damon Floyd, Erin Palovick, Hilary Kelley, Bill Sommer, David Oliver, Skyler Ross, Jessica Wamsley, Jessica Branch, Steve Pomberg, Josh Martin, Mark Carbone, Marcela Gonzalez, Mike Wright, Deisha Oliver, Daniel Beauregard, Bradley Bailey, Gary Eddy, Matt Mcdaniel and Mozart Paraguassu.

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Book of Colors Atlanta, Georgia

Book of Colors is a band that constantly skirts the edge between torn-open soulfulness and delicate restraint. Their melodies are dreamy and hypnotic, and lead singer André Paraguassu’s distinctively warm, crooning voice carries them with an easygoing authority that recalls singers from the big band era. ... more

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Track Name: Why Don't You
1. Tame, leaving everything around the same
to look exactly like you never came here before.
Blame, shifting light behind a windowpane, after all we’d done
it’s such a shame to see:

B. Us walking over
in single file
an edge that’s sober
but never silent.
Why don’t you know what to do?
You’ve been there before.

C. Why don’t you do all you know?
Why don’t you do anything at all?

2. Try, try your best so I can be surprised
after all you pull you’re still alive and walking around.
Or die, it’s the only thing you can rely
on if nothing happens ‘til you’re gone. Alright.

B. Been walking over
in single file
an edge that’s sober
but never silent.
Why don’t you know what to do?
You’ve been there before.

C. Why don’t you do all you know?
Why don’t you do anything at all?
Track Name: Silence is Better
1. Down by the river you remember the breeze
carried you over, you sang to the bees: Oooh Oooh

2. But silence is better, that’s a lie that you keep
saying until you had to believe. Oooh Oooh

3. Sad king of fabric on this mountain of fleece,
quilting your comfort, your queen’s in release. Oooh Oooh

Oh please, don’t keep silent too long. Oooh Oooh
Track Name: Songbird in the Static
1. Walking through a dream,
notice as the fog
drifts away.

Faded as it is,
know this is the world
you choose,
feels so alive.

B. Wait now,
slowly fall
like snow.
Melt away,
fade into dust
like fire.

2. Smoke is in the air,
seeing static rings
as they float
above you.

Listen to the call,
bird is on the wing
as you sit here
on the ground.
Track Name: Oh Your Backwards Smile
1. Go blind, tear your eyes away from all of these old
Roman games you thought that we should play.

Brain storm, rare form, crater fate.
You want to relate to our blue sight.


C. And half your seasons change with a sigh.
Half the reasons empty replies.
An offering of smoke to a fly.
Oh your weight,
Oh your backwards smile.

2. Rain all day, your gray feels nice.
Part of this brand new ancient life.

Stay this way with trains you tried
to begin, or to end, or push aside.


C. And half your seasons change with a sigh.
Half the reasons empty replies.
An offering of hope to a fly.
Oh your weight,
Oh your backwards smile.
Track Name: Lucid Dream
1. Just as easy as it seems, learned to fly, a lucid dream.
And drifted high above a crowd out in a field.

Lifted off the ground, breathing thoughts evolved,
right from what we’d found,
but I feel that way again when you’re around.

2. Made to move along, there’s an end to every song.
But try to hide that with the movements that we make.

In the ocean there’s a tide receding,
we’d ride the undertow.

If you don’t I will receive you at the shore.
But there’s no need to knock when you’re the door.

3. Just as leaves blown in the breeze whisper thoughts
about the trees, and pictograms of offered hands
for mouths to feed.

It’s a certainty, you’ve been there, I can see.
Eyes just like that dream.
But it’s easy as it seems when you’re around.

Easy as it seems when you’re around.
Easy as it seems.
Track Name: It's Slow
1. Silent liquid black center of your eyes-
breathing, but shifting, concealing.

A sentiment confessed, vacant emptiness.
Feeling this full moon, I’m leaving, Oh.

C. I know, it’s slow.

2. Rise and melt the ice, fountain of the sun-
creeping from under this darkness done.

Back with what you’ve missed: lonely tenderness.
Sleeping, I’m waking up dreaming still.

C. I know, it’s slow. I know, it’s slow.

3. Days that seem to fade gentle and afraid-
pleading with brightness receding.

A night that wants to rest underneath your dress.
Fleeting, these moments worth stealing, oh.

C. I know it’s slow. I know, it’s slow.
Track Name: Lo and Behold
1. Bright as a hole
fountain fill the lake
Words that you hear
are your own mistakes

Drown, float around
tired little towns
that try to
follow you down

C. Lo and behold you’re able
I knew you were
to lay down your whole life beside you
I know you do.

2. Faint as a roar
there’s lions at the door
Eat you alive, man
they know what you’re for

Wars or brand new
violence for the poor
but I hoped
you’d never ever go.

C. Lo and behold you’re able
I knew you were
to lay down your whole life beside you
I know you do.
Track Name: Easily Together
1. Home, somehow here, and I know what you are-
your ghost watches me.

The most idle way to decide: look away
or try to behave (alright),

if you go I will wait, I will play these songs
that you make.

B. Your signs look the same in her eyes and the rain.
Still words keep you down, building walls to define.

C. Our kind melt easily together now.

2. Nights have a way, keep me up
‘til the rising day, setting sun.

All done, as you’d say we’ve been
moments away a while, made to wait.

To burn or to break. To get lost in a maze-
bad thoughts that we’d face.

B. Your sighs sound the same, through her eyes look like rain.
Still worlds keep you down, building walls to divide.

C. Our kind melt easily together.
Leave a trail of smoke to rise and be gone.
Track Name: Aw, Much Too Soon
1. Stay in bed
Lie with me
All of your old beliefs
Fake relief
Looking down
Falling asleep

2. Days of rain
Hazy lines
Even your harmony
Coming through
Like waves in the air do

Even your hard to see

C. But aw, much too soon
Day starts to break
This deep midnight blue
New moon
Track Name: Hologram of Thought
1. Watch metronome of time
Rhythm of the hands
Sequence out a night

Soon hours slip away
Out from under you
Must everything you do
Pass like a kidney stone?

2. All the places that you knew
A sense of seasons gone
Winter’s coming soon

All the leaves are falling down
With warmth inside of you
And everything is new

But the hologram of thoughts around you